too practical for a caftan

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too practical for a caftan

"Here’s how: if you have a crush on a friend, as awkward as it may feel and as difficult as it is, you just need to sit them down and tell them, ‘Listen, I have feelings for you that aren’t strictly friendly. I don’t know how you feel about me, I need to get this out in the open. If you aren’t interested in me in that way, I need to know now and some things in our relationship need to change.’

And then you need to be okay with whatever that answer is."

Matt Lieberman on how to get out of “the friend zone” (x)

I stand behind this. I have twice been interested in friends in a more-than-friendly way, and talking to them about it helped a lot.

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Oh No He Didn’t: Diamond Comics’ Previews World Editor Says Women Got Into Geek Culture For Fashion

note: my eye rolling is at the asshat who said that women are into cosplaying and comics for the fashion.